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    Stay Ahead Of Envolving Storage Requirements

Managed Data Storage Solutions that Meet Your Current and Future Needs

The amount of data you have to store and manage is growing daily. Yet the storage solution you use today could be completely different from what you’ll require months or years from now. That’s why you need a storage solution you can rely on as your needs evolve.

We offer a variety of cutting-edge data storage solutions by partnering with industry leaders such as Dell EMC® and NetApp. No matter what your application requires, we have a solution that fits your budget, capacity and performance needs. That way, you get the right storage for right now, and a host of alternatives for the future.

YKP Systems Can Help


You can start small and grow to a complex enterprise level.

24x7x365 Support

Always-on support for storage, backup and recovery delivered by certified storage and backup specialists.

Data Versatility

Prioritize your data based on criticality and migrate from shared to dedicated environments however you choose.

Fully Managed

Comprehensive data protection, replication and storage including deployment updates and troubleshooting backed by our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

“We use the cloud and private virtualization, and we’re able to leverage those to create the right fit for our customer. YKP Systems takes care of the hard work of hardware provisioning, which we also need. The result is, YKP Systems enables me to worry about the applications and not worry about the hardware.”


Director of Hosting, SpinDance

Storage for Any Budget, Capacity or Performance Need

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Our SAN solution offers high availability and reliability by leveraging a fully redundant architecture for business-critical applications. This SAN solution scales easily as your capacity demands grow.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Our enterprise-class NAS solution is designed to support demanding workloads, like virtualization, file sharing and rich media. NAS scales up to an amazing 20PB of capacity.

Managed Backup

Our YKP Systems Managed Backup and Recovery service offers fully managed backup and recovery service for dedicated physical servers, virtual servers and Hyper-V environments hosted in YKP Systems data centers.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your environment and data with our enterprise-grade, resilient and highly customizable disaster recovery solutions.

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