• Windows Installation

    Windows Installation

Windows Installation

We are prominent Service Provider offering reliable Windows Installation Services. Windows Basics topics are designed to introduce you to personal computing and the Windows operating system. Whether you’re a new computer user or someone with experience using a previous version of Windows, these topics will help you understand the tasks and tools you need to use your computer successfully. Our Technical Support Engineer Provide these services :

  • Operating system Installation and Configuration
  • Resolving system start-up problem
  • Driver and Software updates and installation on your computer
  • Checking all application working properly
  • PC optimization for faster performance
  • Cleaning-up unwanted application and unwanted files
  • Virus & Spyware Removal software installation and configuration
  • Solving Memory Issues problem
  • Automatic issue problem
  • Solving Blue screen problem
  • System restore backup
  • Configuring automatic Install and update windows and software
  • Antivirus Installation and configure automating scheduling for update and scan
  • Printer Set Up
  • Wireless Router installation and configuration
Windows Installation Services


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