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Sharepoints Services

Microsoft's latest release of SharePoint Server 2013 helps organizations improve collaboration in the enterprise and provides cost-effective solutions for building web based business solutions.

Most organizations want to advance in full-fledged collaboration platforms to scale at an enterprise level, as well as on the Web, to meet the growing demands of internal and external teams. They also need to support dynamic requirements and expectations like innovation, collaboration with customers and virtual teams from a single extensible platform. Whether it is for consulting, migration of SharePoint Apps or staff augmentation support, we have a proven track record of experiences and the references. YKP Systems’ experienced SharePoint team can help its customers increase their ROI from SharePoint investment by:

Microsoft's Latest Release Of Sharepoint Server 2013

Our consulting services provide end-to-end solution comprising of assessments to map organizational SharePoint maturity & readiness, identify opportunities and make technology recommendations, and help define a SharePoint roadmap for your organization:

  • Business Case / ROI Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Data Integration
  • Architecture & Technology
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Current state assessment
  • Disaster recovery

We can help architect and develop SharePoint Solutions that align with your Content, Collaboration and Portal strategy that provide a Single, Integrated, Enterprise ready product that is easy to maintain/ deploy. We help in:

  • Portals, Intranet/ Extranet Development
  • Web Content, Records and Digital Asset Management
  • Develop custom applications within SharePoint
  • Business Process Alignment and Workflow Design, Integration and Automation
  • Architecture, Taxonomy and Metadata Planning
  • InfoPath Forms development
  • Dashboards, Business Intelligence and Reports Design
  • Mobility
  • Content Migration

Sun Technology can help you move on to SharePoint 2013 with the following Upgrade Methods

  • In-Place Upgrade
  • Database Attach Upgrade
  • Hybrid 1: Read-Only Database Upgrade
  • Hybrid 2: Detach Database Upgrade
  • Third Party Tools

The upgrade process consists of building & configuring SharePoint 2013 farm, preparing databases, installing/ migrating customizations and lastly my Sites upgrade.

The content from the data source is extracted, it is transformed into content migration platform and then injected into the target platform. The process is as follows:

  • Migrate data and processes to SharePoint from legacy systems
  • Significant reduction in effort over the typical manual migration effort
  • Log and track the complete migration process to provide a full audit trail and hence accountability of the process
  • Extract structured / unstructured content, transform the content and migrate to SharePoint 2013 according to business rules
  • Extract images, documents with meta information linked to the content and cross-linking them in the target platform
  • Ability to plug-in custom actions during the extraction / transformation / injection
  • Support Incremental migration of content

The challenges of any SharePoint deployment within an organization is the capability to configure, maintain and develop the solution in real time. This typically requires a dedicated team and resources to manage and operate. This can prove to be a challenge, to have a Full Time Employee, dedicated 24/7 working from your premises to manage and monitor your SharePoint deployment.

YKP Systems has years of experience in providing SharePoint Administration and Support services to our global clients. This can help you reduce costs and add value. We provide access to experts, stringent SLA driven engagement model and matured processes.

YKP Systems offers assured, SLA governed, 24/7 Level 1, 2 and 3 support & management for your SharePoint environment (SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013) including:

  • Operating System
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Security
  • Infrastructure