• Active Archive In The Cloud

    Active Archive In The Cloud

Active Archive

As data grows, so do the costs associated with retaining that data. Yet some data, while important to retain, does not need to be accessed frequently. With Active Archive, you can reduce your long-term cloud data storage costs significantly.

Active Archive protects your critical file and folder level data to a local software storage appliance then, dictated by your policy, sends the data to the cloud of your choice for long-term storage.

Modern Solution to Long-term Data Retention and Archiving in the Cloud

YKP Systems Active Archive is an archive solution that follows best practices to securely transfer to and manage your data within the cloud. Retrieve active data quickly while securely archiving to lower cost storage. Active Archive properly reduces the effort and time needed to protect and retain business-critical data, replacing the need to shoehorn in a solution that wasn’t originally designed to perform this function.

Modern Solution To Long Term Data Retention And Archiving In The Cloud

YKP Systems Active Archive offers a cost-effective SaaS data protection solution for archived data stored in the cloud that ensures that your data is available forever without fear of Vendor Lock or incompatibility. Built with technology that completes Cloud Active Data Pruning at the file level, reduces the data footprint to the absolute minimum while meeting information governance requirements.

With policy-driven management, military grade AES 256 encryption, multi-tier, multi-tenant SaaS with central management and a RESTful API, YKP Systems Active Archive offers a modern solution to long-term retention and archive in the cloud that Sys Admins are sure to love.

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FAQs for Active Archive

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions related to active archive and data retention in the cloud.

  • YKP Systems Active Archive protects your organization by storing critical data in the cloud using the cloud storage vendor(s) of your choice. This solution offers the ability to seamlessly migrate between other more cost-effective cloud storage destinations, eliminating vendor lock and substantially reducing your organization’s overall cost of storage.
  • YKP Systems Active Archive proactively minimizes your organization’s overall data Retention footprint (at the file level), while automatically adhering to long-term data Retention and disposition policies.
  • YKP Systems Active Archive is built from the ground up by industry experts utilizing cutting edge technology designed specifically for a SaaS approach including multi-tenancy and a multi-tier architecture which reduces your organization’s installation and maintenance burden while giving you the confidence of utilizing a modern purpose-built application.
  • YKP Systems Active Archive utilizes aggressive value-based pricing in line with contemporary usage-based pricing models, making it simple for you and your organization to effectively plan for your overall long-term data Retention requirements.
  • Military grade security with AES 256 encryption at the source prior to data being copied from the protected source servers to the secondary copy onsite and ultimately to the cloud for long term protection.
  • Open Data Format, documented DLL and publicly available reader ensures that data is available forever without fears of Vendor Lock or incompatibility.
  • Minimal source server impact with in-file de-duplication that removes identical portions of individual files alongside delta-byte incremental technology to ensure the minimum amount of data is migrated to your storage locations.
  • Policy-driven management allows automatic rule setting and implementation (e.g., Retention time, file inclusion, cloud storage destination) for each protected server.
  • Multi-tier, multi-tenant SaaS with central management and intuitive dashboard for reporting, analytics, alerts, and configuration.
  • Local and remote store/restore for 3-2-1 strategy (three copies of data – two locally on different medium, and one copy offsite).
  • RESTful API support for customizing YKP Systems Active Archive’s core functions, including store and recovery.

YKP Systems Active Arcive is continually expanding our list of certified cloud storage vendors. You own your data and you control your storage destiny. If you want to switch from cloud storage vendor A to vendor B, you simply add the login credentials for the new cloud storage and mark it as active. All new archives will be sent to the new cloud storage vendor.

Each software appliance has one active cloud storage vendor. You can have one server archive data to one cloud and another server archive data to a completely different vendor. This flexibility makes it easy to support geographically based storage restrictions or regulations.

One of the major benefits of YKP Systems Active Archive software is the top-down policy driven approach. All you need to do is make the policy change at the desired highest level and all children will inherit the policy settings. As example, if you want to change the long-term data retention from 7 to 8 years, you simply make the change at the top policy, save, and you are done. Each appliance and client will automatically receive policy changes with no additional action on your part.

Operating Systems

  • All current supported windows operating systems
  • Most major Linux distributions including Ubuntu and Red hat


  • Amazon S3 compatible object stores include S3 Glacier and all AWS services
  • Google Cloud partners

Certified Private Clouds (check back this will grow!)

  • Wasabi
  • Scality
  • Cloudian
  • IBM Bluemix
  • And Growing
Certified Private Clouds